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Dexamethasone 10 Mg
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Dexamethasone 10 Mg

Related post: Neomycin Which antimicrobial classes inhibit protein synthesis at the 30S subunit? (2) 1) Aminoglycosides = bactericidal 2) Tetracyclines = bacteriostatic Which antimicrobials inhibit Dexamethasone Gel protein synthesis at the 50S subunit? (4) 1) Chloramphenical = bacteriostatic Buy Dexamethasone Online 2) Erythromycin = bacteriostatic 3) Lincomycin Dexamethasone Crh Test = bacteriostatic 4)cLindamycin = bacteriostatic Which individuals are predisposed to Sulfonamide-induced hemolysis? G6PD Dexamethasone Sp deficient individuals Which RT inhibitor causes Megaloblastic Anemia? AZT Which RT inhibitors cause a Dexamethasone 40 Mg Rash? Non-Nucleosides Which RT inhibitors cause Lactic Acidosis? Nucleosides Which Tetracycline is used in patients with renal failure? / Why? Doxycycline, because it is fecally Dexamethasone 20mg eliminated Who's your daddy? B.W. !!!, Dexamethasone Generic Name Ha. Good Luck on Boards Why are Methicillin, Nafcillin, Dexamethasone Ear Drops and Dicloxacillin penicillinase resistant? Due to the presence of a bulkier R group Why is Cilastatin administered with Imipenem? To inhibit renal Dihydropeptidase I and decrease Imipenem inactivation in the renal tubules List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of 5 FU. -S-phase anti-metabolite Pyr analogue -Colon, solid tumors, BCC/ -Irreversible myelosuppression List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of 6 MP. -inhibits HGPRT (pur. Syn.) - Luk, Lymph, List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of Bleomycin. -DNA intercalator -testicular Dexamethasone 4mg Tablet lymphomas -Pulmonary fibrosis mild myelosuppression. List the mechanism, clinical use, Dexamethasone Syrup toxicity of Busulfan. -Alkalates DNA -CML -Pulmonary fibrosis hyperpigmentation List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of Cisplatin. -Alkalating agent -testicular,bladder,ovary,lung -Nephrotoxicity CN VIII damage. List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of Cyclophosphamide. -Alkalating agent -NHL, Breast, Dexamethasone Pharmacology ovary, lung. - Myelosuppression, hemorrhagic cystitis. List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of Doxorubicin. -DNA intercalator -Hodgkin's, myeloma, Dexamethasone Inhalation sarcoma, and solid tumors -Cardiotoxicity alopecia List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of Dexamethasone 10 Mg Etoposide. -Topo II inhibitor(GII specific) -Oat cell of Lung prostate, testicular -Myelosuppression GI irritation. List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of Methotrexate. -S-phase anti-metabolite folate analogue -Luk, Lymp, sarc, RA, psoriasis / -Reversible myelosuppression List the mechanism, clinical Dexamethasone 20 Mg use, toxicity Dexamethasone Acne of Nitrosureas. -Alkalate DNA -Brain tumors -CNS Dexamethasone Supression Test toxicity List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of Paclitaxel. -MT polymerization stabilizer -Ovarian breast CA -Myelosupperession hypersensitivity. List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of Prednisone. -Triggers apoptosis -CLL, Hodgkin's in MOPP -Cushing-like syndrome List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of Tamoxifen. -Estrogen receptor antagonist -Breast CA -increased endometrial CA risk List the mechanism, clinical use, toxicity of Vincristine. -MT polymerization inhibitor(M phase) -MOPP, lymphoma, Willm's choriocarcinoma -neurotoxicity and myelosuppression Which cancer drugs effect nuclear DNA (4)? -Alkalating agents+cisplatin -Doxorubicin+Dactinomycin -Bleomycin Dexamethasone 0.75 Mg -Etoposide Which cancer drugs inhibit nucleotide synthesis(3)? - Methotrexate - 5 FU - 6 mercaptopurine Which cancer drugs work at the level of mRNA(2)? -Steroids -Tamoxifen Which cancer drugs work at the level of proteins(2)? -Vinca alkaloids(inhibit MT) -Paclitaxel ACE inhibitors- clinical use? hypertension, CHF, diabetic renal disease ACE inhibitors- mechanism? reduce levels of Angiotensin II, thereby preventing the inactivation of bradykinin (a potent vasodilator); renin level is increased ACE inhibitors- toxicity? fetal renal damage, hyperkalemia, Cough, Angioedema, Proteinuria, Taste changes, hypOtension, Pregnancy problems, Rash, Increased renin, Lower Angiotensin II (CAPTOPRIL) Acetazolamide- clinical uses? glaucoma, urinary alkalinization, metabolic alkalosis, altitude sickness Acetazolamide- mechanism? acts at the proximal convoluted tubule to inhibit carbonic anhydrase. Causes self-limited sodium bicarb diuresis and reduction Dexamethasone 6 Mg of total body bicarb stores. acetazolamide- site of action? proximal convoluted tubule Acetazolamide- toxicity? hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis, neuropathy, NH3 toxicity, sulfa allergy Acetazolamide causes+�? ACIDazolamide' causes Dexamethasone Pharmacokinetics acidosis Adenosine- clinical Dexamethasone Suppresion Test use? DOC in diagnosing and abolishing AV nodal arrhythmias
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